Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas season this year. We celebrated at several family Christmas parties, and the boys really had fun being a part of the group.

It is amazing the difference a year can make. As a family we were all so relaxed this year and really able to go with the flow and enjoy everything.

Of course, the boys were spoiled by all the people who love them. It is so neat to see them learn how to operate the new toys and figure out different ways to play with them all. It is also of note that they pretty much are playing with everything together and then they move on to the next thing, together. I know next year will be different with a six/seven month old scooting around, so I am enjoying this time.

Discovering the Christmas morning loot.

Mommy loves all the books Santa brought, and that the boys love to read them.

Trying to play with everything at once.

A giant box from Uncle Matthew and Aunt Elaine in Japan.

Yea!, for giant fluffy dogs.

Posing so Uncle Matthew and Aunt Elaine can see how happy we are.

Helping Daddy build his rubber band airplane (and maybe you don't let your kids sit on top of the tables, but hey, don't judge).

Walker making sure Daddy is doing it right.

Working as a team.

Walker and Dandy playing with Grin's Polar Express train.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Perfect Visit with Santa

The boys made the trip to see Santa this morning. The trip went perfectly. They both sat happily in Santa's lap and seemed genuinely excited by the whole thing. Walker did get a little shy and only spoke to Santa in a very soft voice. He did have a lot to say, just no one could hear it. Eli just smiled and enjoyed the moment.

Jason and I were excited that it went so well and I know we will cherish this memory for years to come.