Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Dozen

Twelve years making it official with my best friend.

He understands who I am, often when I do not.

He cares and gives everything he has and more.

He knows how to have laugh and have fun.

He is willing to do the hard things when no one else will.

He has made this life building so much fun.

For 12 years we have be one.  

Souls combined to be so much more than we could ever be alone.

Our lives are in a state of preparation.  For baby, for moves, for business, and so much unknown.  There is no one else I would want to be journeying with down this path.

Our anniversary was a lovely time to reflect and celebrate the blessing showered upon us.
It was also a time to buy a silver band.  As the end of this pregnancy approaches my wedding set no longer fits.  For our anniversary we got a simple band to hold the spot on my finger for the next few weeks.  Hopefully one day we will be able to gift the band down to Lydia and all the history and family building that goes along with it.


Friday, January 25, 2013

The Calm Routine

I love the celebrating and and entertaining that goes with all the birthday and other life events.  But, I also love the quiet choas of our simple routine.  After a busy several days of celebrating Walker's seventh we have taken the end of this week to slow down.

We were able to once again approach our school time slowly and with the breaks we all need.  Our days are typically less scheduled and more of a rhythm, but when planning and preparing for entertaining there is much more pressure to get all the things on our list accomplished.

On Wednesday we stayed in our PJs all day, until bath time. Then we changed in the fresh PJs (maybe my favorite days?).  We had breakfast for dinner, which pretty much means dessert for dinner and early bedtimes were enjoyed by all.



Thursday was filled with a few appointments, but even in the getting out and accomplishing things there was still rest time and time to read.  Then the boys got some quality time with Pops while Jason and I headed to a baby class.  Can we talk - a BABY in 6 weeks or less???  Momma is starting to panic a smidgen.

Friday, my love.

For lunch we headed to Steak and Shake.  Momma needed a hotdog and some cheese fries (don't hate) and the boys had all kinds of activities and entertainment.  It is actually less expensive than going to Chick-fil-a and with table service.  Thank you - and my kitchen thanks you.

Friday. 1.25.2013

This boy cannot concentrate with his tongue in his mouth. It is adorable.

Friday. 1.25.2013

We have had several weeks of cold or wet or cold and wet and today we were granted a few hours of cool outside weather and dry playgrounds.  We were a couple of hours late for playtime with friends, but the free play was still fantastic.  The boys just ran for 30 minutes straight.  Oh how these boys need to use those large muscle groups.

I cornered them for a second, and lamented not having brought along the camera.
Sometimes when your 2 hours late to the play date, your friends have gone. Still grateful for the outside play time.

But then that moment was gone.
Friday. 1.25.2013

Also, momma is savoring these last few weeks where "supervision" can be handled laying down in the bench, admiring the clouds and feeling baby girl move around.
Friday. 1.25.2013

Also, momma feels pretty full term today.
Friday. 1.25.2013

Now to dinner with the cousins and grandparents.  Happy weekend to you all.  May you find some time to slow down and enjoy the daily moments.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lucky Number Seven

I cannot imagine where the time has gone.  How is it that this amazing boy has been in our lives for seven years?  So grateful for his daily blessing.

Walker's 7th Birthday

There was a weekend of much celebrating and joy.

Presents and special events.

Walker's 7th Birthday

Family and friends who made the time even sweeter.

Walker's 7th Birthday

And at the end of it all my precious baby boy was another year older and wiser.

{He picked the Mexican restaurant not knowing this was part of the deal.  Now a favorite memory}

He loves all things Legos.  He isn't that into desserts, but loves bacon.  He didn't eat any birthday cake or cupcakes (no worries, I took care of his share). He is reading and writing well, but not of his own volition.  He is far to busy planning, building and making things to be concerned with elementary school work. He is already very watchful of his baby sister, always making sure she is okay and helping to take care of me.  He makes friends wherever we go, but Eli is his true best friend he never wants to be without.

And a funny moment from the end of the birthday party.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Play

There is one guy who loves snow more than most and that guy is Jason McCay.  We rarely see the white stuff falling from the sky here in the deep south.  So naturally when Jason is in California this week, we had a few lovely hours of beautiful snowflakes falling.

So the boys took it upon themselves to enjoy the snow enough for themselves and their daddy.

It's instinctual to try and catch snowflakes on your tongue, right?

Snow 1.17.2013

Snow 1.17.2013

Snowball fights.  Oh the joy (you know until it's not, like when someone falls in a mud puddle).

Snow 1.17.2013

Snow 1.17.2013

Snow 1.17.2013

The little guy was less enthused about getting his hands cold, but enjoyed the scenery.  Also, do you see that glow in the distance? That was the sun peaking out for the first time in weeks.  Pretty much as exciting as the snow.

Snow 1.17.2013

Snow 1.17.2013

Until the next little dusting...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lydia Jane

Baby girl has a name and momma has a new @lisaleonard piece. Thanks @jasonmccay

Baby girl has a name.  Well, she has had a name.  We have been down the pregnancy road a few times and have yet to get the chance to actually name a baby girl.  So it is a strong possibility that this name has been sitting on reserve for just about six years.

When I was pregnant with Eli we were reading through Acts in our small group and I instantly loved the name Lydia.   It is also my great-grandmothers name, so double bonus.

Jane.  Grandma Jayne, oh how she loves the boys and would do anything for them. Also, my mom's name was Jan and Jason's mom's middle name is Janette.  So in her middle name we can honor all three grandmas.

This pregnancy has been the hardest thus far.  I would like to blame it on it being a baby girl, but it is more likely the cumulative effect of all the pregnancies, added (ahem) age, and constantly caring for the 3 busy boys in this house.  I am so grateful for a husband who, even with ridiculously huge business responsibilities has filled in the wide gaps I have been leaving behind.

She is a calm baby compared to the boys.  I didn't really feel her move until I was well past 20 weeks.  With the boys I could get my 10 kicks in about 3 minutes, with baby girl it may take the entire 2 hours allotted.

She loves crushed ice. It started out with sweet tea over the prefect ice and me frequenting BBQ places drive thru windows.  We have now moved on to Sprite over crushed ice and I'm glad that Sonic is opened almost 24 hours.

Also, she hates hamburgers.  Still 32 weeks into this thing and she still will not allow me to eat any form of ground beef without consequences.

I've always had a pretty strong sweet tooth (understatement) and it is still there, but I find myself occasionally turning down sweets in favor of real food.  Pregnancy crazy.

26 weeks with Baby Girl and  3 year old bath time.
26 Weeks

31 weeks.  And 3 1/2 years in the bathtub.
31 Weeks

Colin was a huge baby and the doctors are cautiously warning me that little Lydia might not be so little.  We shall just have to wait and see.  In the mean time I am overjoyed to be able carry this blessing each day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

On A Very Good Friday

After a rather tough start to the week, Friday seemed to be a celebration of all the things fantastically simple and lovely in our lives.

First, all the kids slept until eight.  Jason and I both needed a good nights sleep.

Then breakfast followed with mommy even having enough time to finish her devotional.

We are slowly getting back into our school routine.  Mostly we are just remembering how to sit still for more than 5 minutes (a constant little boy lesson).

Back at it

Jason came home at lunch so I could go to my baby doc appointment without 3 little assistants.  I love being reassured that she is growing well and we are getting closer to meeting her.  She is (finally) head down, measuring a bit ahead, and has a strong heartbeat.  Being the only one capable of carrying the baby to the doctor I had the bonus of 2 hours of quiet time in the middle of the day.

I returned home to find two-thirds of the boys napping, so the quiet was extended.  A blessing that rarely occurs these days.

When the stirring began everyone ended up in our bed laughing and wrestling.  Oh boys, what fun.

Friday Afternoon

Friday Afternoon

I'm not saying it didn't end with bumped heads and a few tears, but we had a nice long time of pure joy.

The the oldest asked to open the blinds to see the sunset.  Of course dear, and the light even motivated mommy to shoot a little on manual.

Friday Afternoon

Friday Afternoon

We went out to dinner and then made a trip to the Lego store to check out the new train and their new Chima line.  The boys were thrilled, and we even walked out without making a purchase.

We arrived home late after all our galavanting around.  The boys were PJ'ed, teeth brushed and tossed in the bed.  Mean old momma said it was too late for a story, but tenderhearted daddy started a new chapter book with them and calmed their busy minds.


The perfect end to an exceptionally ordinary wonderful day worth documenting in the life of our little family.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Dandy, Jason's granddad, passed away last night. He had a rough year physically and mentally, but it is still hard to accept the end of his time here on earth.

He loved his family, those of us who married into the family and our boys. In going through the pictures of him, most all of them are of him down on the floor playing with boys. He was enjoying his great-grandchildren even if it hurt.

I'm so glad the boys were able to get to know him.

Walker and Dandy on the floor

Building on the Fire Truck

Dandy Showing Eli his Camera

Memaw, Dandy, Walker and Eli

Visiting the Great Grandparents

Eli and Dandy

Visiting the Great Grandparents

Memaw and Dandy

Memaw and Dandy

Memaw and Dandy

He will be missed.