Monday, January 27, 2014

Lucky 13

13 years of marriage. The celebrating was a bit different this year.  It was the fancy china and crystal and a home cooked meal with the best crowd around.

Dessert from Trader Joe's and wedding pictures from the day it all began in the background.

We love our quiet nights out, but I think years down the road this is one of those anniversaries we will look back on and miss the chaos.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Walker is 8!

Anyone who told me the "little" birthdays are the hardest on mommas was lying. I mean it is amazing watching this one grow into this awesome kid, but the older he gets the harder it is to believe this is my precious baby from eight years ago.

He is still supremely interested (alternately: obsessed) with Legos.

His taste are becoming quite adventurous and fun, but for his Birthday lunch he requested a turkey and cheese sandwich with blueberries. {I love an easy to meet request}

He wrote an acrostic poem about himself for his Birthday writing assignment.

Working on Legos
Always building
Lydia's big brother
Eli's big brother
Running outside

There were vanilla-vanilla cupcakes with Star Wars accents, because this is a kid who knows exactly what he wants.

And little brothers, who even though mommy made special egg free cupcakes just licked the frosting off.

There was a fun joint park birthday with Hudson, one of our fellow Alabama to California transplants whose birthday is near to Walker's.

One of the perks of Uncle Matt working with Jason is a business trip can mean there is family at the celebration.

I love this smart, fun, happy and busy kid he is becoming.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Beach Time {In Sunny California}

When January gives you 70 degrees and sunshine at the beach, there really is no choice but to enjoy.