Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bumps and Bruises

Colin at the Park

He is walking away from me more now, and it's so hard to watch him go.

Colin now considers himself entirely a big boy. He is occasionally held back by the fact that he is actually an unstable toddler. This usually results in a new bump or bruise and a good cry. Poor guy, but he enjoys his adventures more than he cries from the hurts. I'm trying to take the same attitude.

Colin Park

These are the thoughts that were running through my head on our last park visit.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ages 1, 2, 3, and 4

Having the girls was great. It actually filled a void in the number system. 1 year (Colin) 2 years (Hannah and Leah) 3 years (Eli) 4 years (Walker). Fun times.

Of course, I did not get to document most of the week. Because, you know, I was actually taking care of the kids. However, I did manage to snag a few shots that sort of tell our story.

The Week in Pictures:

Walker taking on his role as the eldest and helping everyone down the very dangerous 3 foot slide.
Cousins 8.19.10

The checkout guy at Publix made a joke about the number of bananas I was buying. I made a joke back, "Gotta have something to feed the monkeys, right?" Poor guy totally missed it and thought I meant I had actual monkeys, not a house full of preschoolers. There were several seconds of uncomfortable explaining. Anyway, bananas...

I quite literally could not get the 2 blonde ones to separate to capture individual pictures. Love.
Cousins 8.19.10

This was the dachshunds general attitude for the week (and every week, really). "We want to be near the action, but not a part of the craziness. Kids over there, us over here."
Cousins 8.19.10

Twice, Twice! All 5 kiddos were asleep at the same time. Ahhh, the exhausting effect of playing with somebody other than your siblings.


We went to the state park on our first homeschooling field trip to see the birds and learn about conservation (I love everything about this picture, even though one day they will all probably hate it).

Baby had a slightly higher view than everyone else. He was happy and so was momma.

Hannah really likes animals. Like a whole lot. Even the black vulture is "so cute." Everyone else mostly enjoyed the being outside, but she wanted to know about each animal and "what's she doin'?"

Before you get too impressed, let me introduce you to my little assistant, Netflix. For when the walls start closing in.

My hope is that these weeks become more frequently and these kids are always this comfortable and happy around each other.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Girls

They are just different. Not better or worse, just different.
Cousins 8.19.10

They do not run outside to see the garbage truck. Rather they run inside at the mention that the garbage truck might come down the street, in 3 hours. Terrified of big trucks? What is this?

They do not yell and make loud train noises as they play, but what is that squealing and screeching all about? I'm used to little boy kind of loud (maybe a little too used to it), but one shrill scream and I'm thrown for a loop.

The sitting quietly and coloring and making sure to use all the colors, what could this be? Don't we want to do just enough to make mommy (or Aunt Katy, whatever) happy so we can get back to our trains?

I was surprised this week at the amount of differences I could see (and hear) between my boys and my nieces this week. Now they played together great and behaved basically the same as they would have in a group of all boys. I think it was just me who noticed the differences emerging between the two parties. Things I never think about, but are there for sure.

And there were ponytails! I got to fix tiny little girl hair!
Cousins 8.19.10

Cousins 8.19.10

If it were not for the fire truck in the back, wouldn't this be the perfect runway walk?
Cousins 8.19.10
A little not quiet 3 year old modeling. Must just come natural.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Glorious Summer Day

The weather has been unbearably hot. Not to continue on and on about it, but it has been.

Thursday, however, was a gift. A gift of 90 degrees, cloud cover and a nice breeze. The kids (all 5) and myself enjoyed some much needed fresh air and wide-open spaces time.

Cousins 8.19.10

Everyone's mood was lightened and joy increased immediately.

Cousins 8.19.10

And the freeze pops didn't hurt either.
Cousins 8.19.10

I am so grateful for this day with my boys and my nieces and so grateful for the weather that only enhanced our time together.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy, Happy Week

Cousins 8.16.10

This week we have had the privilege of having our cousins over to play for most of each day.

It has been crazy fun and filled with stories.

More to come.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Pushing dumptrucks

The rain has come and the grass is green and growing. No more brown crunchy grass.

I'm pretty sure Eli would live outside if he was allowed.

It started raining pretty hard last night while they were playing after dinner, but Eli used every delay tactic in the book to get a few more seconds outside.

He is his Pops's grandson.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Story Time

Colin is to the age of actually participating in the library's weekly story time (that we make on average - monthly). He is so cute, when he is not trying to steal Mrs. Mary's props or sneezing out half chewed rice chex in the front of the crowd.

He stands when his brothers stand. He watches them dance. He claps when everyone else claps, and long after they stop. He stops and listens to a good 5 minutes of each story. He also runs wildly through the crowd and picks random laps to stop in from time to time, but no one seems to mind.

During the craft time he really does attempt to participate. He grabs a crayon and joins right in. And then, unlike his older and wiser brothers, allows mommy to put the craft on his head.

Well, his not quite as older brother was willing to wear his craft for a moment, but only a brief moment, while distracted with tape.

The oldest, well, absolutely not.

Mrs. Mary even offered him some snack this week. Well, the offer went something like this, "Can he have some pretzels, so he'll stop eating our new crayons?"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Swings

Baby swings from being Mr. Independent who wants to be right in the middle of the playing.

(Bonus: super cute matching boys!)

To being my precious snuggle baby who wants to be held close with his head on my shoulder.

Colin and Mommy

He is super lovable in both states of being and I cannot believe how fast he is growing and changing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walker the Creative Builder

Walker used to only build things that other people had built before or with help. He just wasn't willing to step out there and create anything. Well, those days have passed, and the world is a better place.

He is so creative. This was one of his creations in a few minutes before bedtime. He was more than happy to share with me.

Eli Has a Popsicle with Daddy

1. Eli fears no brain freeze. He always eats his popsicles like corn on the cob. Gives me goose bumps just to think about it.
2. The answer is always green. Green is his favorite everything. Silly question daddy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Splash Pad

A dear friend is one who you can meet at the (not-so) local splash pad and know she more than happy to help chase your little ones while she is chasing her own (not-quiet-as-little) ones.

So during a brief moment of the summer when Kristine was in town we headed to the Splash Pad.

This baby is afraid of nothing.

Quote of the day:
Me: "Now, where are my kids?"
Kristine: "Just look for the ones with the most clothes on."

Splash Pad 7-23-10

Maybe the hat, sunglasses and shoes were a bit much, but there was no slipping or sun exposure. :)

What a difference 15 months makes: Our first splash pad visit.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Backyard Swim Party

The past several weeks has been ridiculously hot.

The boys beg to go outside and 10 minutes later they are sitting in the shade begging for freeze pops.

The only way to make outside play bearable is to be playing in the water.

But even then, it is still too hot to be out in the middle of the day.

So today we waited until after four and then we splashed and sprayed in an attempt to burn off all the excess energy some of us have been unable to burn off in this heat.

Backyard Swim Party

Backyard Swim Party
Squealing with joy (and not in the house).
Backyard Swim Party
What? Alabama? This would only happen in our backyard, but I'm happy to be your stereotype. And, besides, look at that tummy.
Backyard Swim Party
Yes, mommy will continue to take your picture until you stop whining.
Backyard Swim Party
Backyard Swim Party
Adorableness, even in the camo hat. {that he loves} {and is the only hat he will wear for me} {so I suppose we will be seeing more of it}
Backyard Swim Party

Here's to staying cool.