Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Oldest is Now Older - On Being 6

W. 6.

Walker is growing and becoming this person.  This baby who made me a momma just keeps getting better and better.

He never forgets anything.  He loves structure and traditions. If we do something one year for a holiday he expects it the next.

He will be hurried for no one. Enough said.

He is a sweet sensitive one.  He has difficulty drawing the line between pretend and reality in books, tv or movies.  I have to be careful when talking to him about the realities of this fallen world without destroying his fragile innocence.

He has big plans for each day.  Most every morning he wakes me up by tiptoeing into my room and standing by the bed. When I become aware of someone standing beside the bed and I peak open my eyes he whispers, "mommy I want my breakfast."  Every. Day.

He will eat almost anything, but his favorite food is a cheeseburger.  He calls the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a the chicken burger so even where they do not serve burgers he can still order one.

His newest favorites are Legos and Transformers, but he still spends a good amount of time designing and building train layouts.  He says he is going to be a train engineer when he grows up.

He is breaking the phonics code.  He is reading some simple words.  He has finally started drawing figures. He is great at math.  He is is most interested in the science and history.  He absorbs everything we learn so much that I have to make sure I'm telling/reading the right thing because it immediately becomes fact.

He turned 6 and we celebrated his milestone.  Because, 6, wow. That is such a big kid, and he is.
W. 6.

And every time {every time} I ask my big kid 6 year old to smile for the camera. This is the face I get:
W. 6.

And because it's fun to look back:
Walker at 5 and Walker at 4 and Walker at 3 and Walker at 2 and Walker at 1 and In the Beginning

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Soaking It In

Today I tossed the kids in the big bathtub for a mid-day swim.
Bath Time

And someone was a camera hog.
Bath Time

Bath Time

Dried off all the little monsters.
 Bath Time

Bath Time

Bath Time

Dried off 30 pruney toes.

And thanked God for the beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows and hoped it would warm up the air for a bit out outside play soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snap Shots

It is amazing that attached to a cell phone (which is frequently attached to me) is a fantastic camera allows me to document these fleeting moments of our life.

All the moments are not spectacular, but the ones that are I want to remember.

Watching this precious child play with his shadow
Saturday morning shadow play. I love 2 year olds!

Backyard sunshine in January
Backyard playing on a beautiful January 1st. Already too many gifts to count in 2012.

One day he won't need my presence to peacefully fall asleep, but on this day he did and I savored it.
McGrumpy Pants finally gave in. #AhhhhNap

Sometimes we call him Little Napoleon. He knows how to get his way. It is hilarious that this picture happen to illustrate the king of the castle.
King Colin looking down from on high at the park today.  Gorgeous day! Also, little tyrant.

Momma ran her first race. And a clown nose was the best prize ever.
Family prep for #TheRedNosedRun tomorrow.  One turkey refused to wear the nose. Turkey.

Daddy worked on the yard and Eli was thrilled to assist.
Daddy's only willing late afternoon helper. What a team.

And maybe my favorite instagram ever.
Playing until the sun disappears. So thankful for this day and that we were able to enjoy it.

Or this one.
Amazing Saturday. @jasonmccay is home, ran almost 6, grandma's oatmeal waffles, playing at the railroad park and we are only to lunchtime!

So grateful that my phone (!) gives me such a fantastic way to document these details of life.