Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Mischievous One

So the big news around here today is that Eli has the flu.  Poor kid has a fever and a cough, but is actually doing pretty well.


It would follow that I spent the better part of the day cleaning, sanitizing, and trying to keep Eli away from the other two boys.



Today, however, this turkey seized the opportunity to get into absolutely everything he shouldn't all. day. long.


He is usually not this mischievous, but today was impressive.  Of course each time he was discovered he would just flash those baby blues and grin and know in his heart he was about to get away with it. again.

First there were the remotes.  And the removal of the batteries in the remotes.

Then in a moment of sheer baby skill he managed to slide my coffee off the table and to pour it on the sofa and down the backside of my pants.  impressive. and a mess.

Oh and lunch,  upon finishing he took his plate and rubbed in on his head.  Turning the left over ketchup into fantastic hair gel.
12.30.10  (a bath this evening finally got rid of the ketchup remnants)

Followed by the candles (not lit of course, I'm not totally incompetent) in the front entry way being turned into building blocks and then the fun of shimming under the table after them as they rolled.

Then, of course, the cup of water left out by someone (read: daddy) last night was discovered.  I didn't hear the discovery.  I just heard the "Uh-Oh" and discovered a very, very wet kid.

And then my camera which was quickly abandoned upon discovery. {whew}

Immediately followed by grabbing my phone while I was putting the camera out of reach. clever.

And as I was putting the dishes away, I notice I was doing so in peace. Now, usually opening the dishwasher is like a homing sound for toddlers to come and interrupt the proceedings.  I should have known.  Well, I round the corner and there he is, laid out on his tummy playing with the iPad.  Now this was the exception to the rule.  He did not flash a smile when I took away the iPad.  In fact, it was quite the opposite response.

And finally.  Daddy comes home.  I am giggling and telling him about how mischievous his little one has been and as we are talking Colin is pulling his headphones out of his bag.  With a grin, of course.

It isn't cute every day, but today this precious little boy's antics were just enough to keep me laughing all day.  And his timing was perfect.  I sure needed someone in charge of laughs today.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Guess whose birthday is today?  And I couldn't be happier to be celebrating along with him.
Santa Visit 2010
So grateful to be on this amazing journey with him as he ventures into another year.  Happy Birthday, Babe!

The Monday After Christmas

Lunch still in PJs.


Opening the curtains and enjoying the beautiful sunshine (because it was far too cold for these Alabama folks to go outside).

Mommy and baby matching in their "Let Love Grow" tees.

And Baby shoving darts in Mommy's mouth (because, you know, if he likes it Mommy should too).

New Shoes.

Dinner at Moe's, cause Eli has been begging since Christmas Eve for Moe's.  We made him hold out for Kids' Eat Free Monday, but next year maybe Santa needs to get him some Moe's gift cards so we can go whenever his heart desires.  For the record: Eli gets the "bawk bawk taco" with no lettuce and green salsa. And baby only wants the chips, which he cannot have because of the choking.  And Walker can put away a cheese quesadilla in 10 seconds flat.

And it is clearly time to take the Christmas toothbrushes out of their packages.

And Mommy (finally) folded the 5 loads of laundry that had been mocking her since before Christmas.  Phew.

Great day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas with Pops and Grandma Jayne

There was much celebrating, love and joy.

Christmas with Pops and Grandma Jayne

Can you hear Walker saying cheese?

Christmas with Pops and Grandma Jayne

Pops and Grandma Jayne's Christmas celebrations come with silly head gear.

Christmas with Pops and Grandma Jayne

Santa Came.
Christmas Morning 2010

And he left a bit of work for daddy.

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas with Gammy and Grin

Christmas with Gammy and Grin

Christmas with Gammy and Grin

This was one of those Christmases where I loved every moment so much I grieved it as it passed (if that makes any sense).  It was amazing and hard and amazing.  I cannot believe we have been blessed with this family.  I will hold these memories in my heart forever and bore my children with the details of 'The Train Christmas' for years and years to come.

Much the way I will bore you now with pictures from Christmases past...
... 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cards

Oh, how we love this time of year.  All the colorful envelops filled with warm greetings (not bills) from friends and family far and wide.  The boys love opening mail, as I suspect most kiddos do.  But, there are some special folks out there that send cards to each of the boys.
December at Home

December at Home

December at Home
Their very own Christmas cards, how exciting!  I love that there are wonderful people out there who love my boys enough to think about them this time of year. {They also send special cards throughout the year.  These are some thoughtful folks}

I do love getting all your cards.  But, this year there will be no McCay Five Christmas card in your mailbox.  If there had been it would have used this picture.  So, let's pretend.

Merry Christmas!
Wishing you Joy.

GradesFirst Christmas Pics
Jason, Katy, Walker, Eli and Colin.

Monday, December 20, 2010

They Have a Playroom

But, this is my kitchen floor.  Of course.

December at Home

Baby's first Christmas gift of the year.  I think it is a hit.  Note we are still keeping blankie close at hand.
December at Home

Everybody having a turn.
December at Home

No shortage of trucks {to trip over} around here. Got that, Santa?
December at Home

We did make it out of our PJs today, it was just a bit later than you {probably}.

{And Eli ran from the camera all day, promise they did let him play.}

Friday, December 17, 2010

Coffee Break

We are busy.  Like everyone else, but that is a good thing.

It is a joy to have so many people in our lives to plan for and spend time with during the Christmas season.

So when you are super busy, don't you grab your tractor coffee mug and have a seat to have some online time before dinner? Me, too.
Photo 16

And then it sounds like a good idea to someone else.
Photo 19

And then someone else.
Photo 23

One week before Christmas Eve.  Let's all take a moment to enjoy that.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Cold Folks

Eli Riding on Daddy's Shoulders

So we are having to amuse ourselves inside.

It is difficult with these three busy boys.

It is always *a bit* crazy around here during the dinner/early evening time, as it is for everyone with small children.  Or maybe those with big kids too, I don't know (yet).   But is for sure a time where the energy swells to the surface.

Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun

Daddy does a pretty good job of channeling the energy.  So glad he is here to do that or we all might explode.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Baby is the Youngest One in the Room

We had the pleasure of having some playmates over last week.  Isaac, 2 years and Ava Grace, 8 months, came to play.

After a very short time I realized that my "baby" is less and less a baby.  Having an actual baby all day made Colin seem like such a big boy.

Well, except for this one thing.  Colin was fascinated with Ava Grace's pacifier.

He played the game of putting it in her mouth for a while, but then he gave it a try.  He decided she was on to something and every time I turned my back he would be walking off with it.

It was hilarious.  After a while I dug one out of the drawer, washed it, and handed him his very own pacifier.  Mostly, so he would just leave the poor girl alone, cause look at those eyes...the annoyance was coming.


He thought this was fantastic.  The whole day he was a pacifier baby.  It actually made the giganticness of him seem easier to deal with.  It was a one day thing, but boy was it funny. {I think the 2 teeth coming in added to the interest he had in the pacifier}

Here is a bit of video of the organized chaos of the day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Brother Coming Right Along

It is no secret that Walker and Eli love trains, and Baby is coming right along with the program.

He builds trains with the Thomas train cars.  He makes choo choo sounds as they go.  He pushes the trains round and round the track.

He has become equally enamored with the Christmas train.  It is the first place he wants to go in the morning. He has made up his own sign to tell us to turn on the train.  And he lays on his belly to watch the train go around.  It is precious.

Colin and The Christmas Train

Colin and The Christmas Train

He has even figured out the transformer.  He makes a great engineer.
Colin and The Christmas Train

It is so fun to see him join the ranks.