Monday, February 28, 2011


My boys, skipping rocks by the waterfall.

Warmer weather finds us back at the waterfall.  
Joy. Ease. Simple. Comfort. Family. Grateful.

The boys love these trips so much.  We all do.  Easy lunch or dinner. Outdoor dining conducive to loud busy boys. The promise of open free running play as soon as the burgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, fries and tater tots are gone.  Returning home with happy, full, tired, sweaty, and oh-so-loved little boys. Amazing.

A visit in 2009

Sunday, February 27, 2011



Birthdays are a unique mix of reflections and beginnings.

I have been able to reflect on an amazing year and cannot wait to see what the Lord unfolds this year.

James 4:15, "...If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that."  


I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I am grateful for today and ready to see what comes this year.

Thursday, February 24, 2011



These boys (and the slowest dachshund) love to chase bubbles.  Oh what fun to see them dance in the afternoon sun.

I blow until I feel dizzy then snap a few pics.  This is much harder than it sounds.  But oh how these moments, the plain ordinary ones, are the ones I want to be able to remember long past their bubble chasing days.




PS - Batman has been hanging out here all week.  Why not?


I would like to blame this hairdo on it being post-nap, but really it kind of always looks like this.  And can we talk about the amazing eye lashes?  We call them his Disney eyes.  You know how the Disney movie characters always have the big eyes with the super long eye lashes? That's him. All the girls are going to be jealous one day.

Here is to chasing the uncatchable and finding joy in it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puzzle Time


All 3. Working together. On the same thing. Wow.


Shades of the future.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Jason is so good with the camera. Here is the proof. Straight out of the camera, folks.

Railroad Park

Railroad Park

Railroad Park

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Saturday Spent Wandering

First the Railroad Park.  I really enjoy atmosphere there.  Lots of different people, families, young and old, exercising, hanging out, chasing kids, just enjoying the space.  Now it will take a few years for the shade trees grow and it can be enjoyable in the hot Alabama summers, but with spring like temps in the mid-70s it is great.

Railroad Park

My little superman.

Railroad Park

Trains go by.

Railroad Park

After much running, playing and watching it was off to lunch at Newk's.  The first visit for the boys and myself.  My sandwich (veggie club) was great, the kid's meals were okay.

Then an already-into-nap-time visit to the McWane center's big machine's day.  We weren't going to go.  We had decided on the park, but after driving by we knew we had to stop.

McWane Big Machines Day

McWane Big Machines Day

Our youngest member hung in there, but was extra cuddly.

McWane Big Machines Day

This kid takes great pictures.

McWane Big Machines Day

Walker was not there to pose for a picture.  He was there to figure out exactly how to make this fire truck go.

McWane Big Machines Day

No way were all three of them going to look at the camera at the same time, that would be too easy.

McWane Big Machines Day

And our wanderings brought us home to end the day piled in Daddy's lap watching train videos on YouTube.

Train Watching

And now we lock these memories away for rainy days.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Park and Ramblings

Random thoughts from our park adventure to share.

1. Walker is getting old enough to be a big help.  What, I'm not alone in this???  He can get out snack, help clean up (like for real help, not "we are learning to be a part of the process"), report to me on what his brothers are doing and reason with his brothers among other things.  Wow, so helpful to this mommy who has felt like "all babies, all the time" for so long.

Park Day

2. Ninety percent of the time at the park I am shadowing Colin.  He is the one most obviously in need of the supervision.  But yesterday, there was a point were Eli was stuck climbing up part of the playground so I went to rescue him.  I was too late and another parent had intervened (all the while Eli is screaming NO, NO I WANT MY MOMMY! (which I suppose is a good thing))

And in the moment I walked away from Colin he rolled down into a small ditch and was helped by another mom by the time I got back.  Mom of the Year, folks.  Her, not me.

Note the two sliding outfits.
Park Day

Park Day

So I dusted him off, changed his clothes and we continued out play time.

When the boys were younger I probably would have headed home immediately.  Worried about all manner of things including if I was capable of mothering multiple children, and if the other folks at the park were judging me.

But I am over both.  I cannot mother multiple children (or one for that matter) without the Lord.  He strengthens me and sometimes provides strangers to help with a wayward child. Hallelujah. 

I say this not to say, look how I have evolved and changed.  It is to say, I'm still making mistakes and sometimes struggling with chasing these kids around.  But that is okay, and it is totally worth any and all effort.

3. And lastly, Eli is still cute.  And all three of them need haircuts.
Park Day

See you at the park next time; deep thoughts, falling children and all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After a dreary cold couple of months, the sun is peaking through.  The dachshunds wait all winter for this:  opened curtains and perfect sunny spots to warm themselves.

Maddy in the Sunshine

Can't you hear her saying thank you? {and, didn't you know dachshunds are part cat? well, except for all the barking.}


So thankful the sun has come out and started warming us toward spring.  Let's all soak it up.

Part of Beth's You Capture: Warmth


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Babywearing

Or, Toddler-Wearing, whatever you would like to call it.


He has been feeling a bit rough lately.  He was absolutely giddy when I pulled out the babyhawk.  So fun! It improved both of our moods so much.

And my how time has flown.  Same baby, same momma, but so much growing up in between.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011


We had a great day, and I hope you did too!


We usually don't make a huge deal of the holiday, but today we enjoyed the day as a reminder that it is okay to have fun.  It okay to play all day, eat cupcakes and use glitter.  In fact, it is advisable.



I think tomorrow will have more play, cupcakes and yes {even} glitter. Here's to celebrating every day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It is Happening So Fast

The growing up.  I mean just one year.  Wow.

Snow 2011
Snow 2.10.2011

Snow 2010

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow: On Being Cold and Wet

Snow 2.10.2011

We wait with eager anticipation and pray that we will get at least enough to play in. We watch it come so close time and time again and miss us completely and are so disappointed.

Then, it happens we get a couple of inches that sticks overnight and is waiting for us when we wake!  Woohoo.  It is so pretty and fresh looking and looks like so much fun to go and play in!  Here we go!

{Mommy's thought process:  "Hmm, I guess the boys will wear jeans.  Those are the thickest paints they own and that cover everyone's ankles.  Long sleeve shirts should be enough, I mean under the coats, right?  Hats, Ahhh, we all have cute.  Gloves, or mittens or the like.  Oh, look I can find 3.  Which is good except for the 6 hands...8 counting mommy's.  Hmm...everyone gets one glove.  Shoes, we should wear old tennis shoes not new ones sure they aren't weather proof, but no sense in getting the new shoes all wet.  And away we go."  So you know, I am totally prepared for this, totally.}

The first few minutes...this is fun.  It is so pretty and we haven't been outside in forever and the fresh air is nice.

Snow 2.10.2011

Oops, somebody has broken the thin layer of ice on the sand table that is filled with dirty rain water.  Ewww, now we have one glove between us all and lots of cold fingers.
Snow 2.10.2011

Baby does NOT want to touch the snow.  Not. At. All.  It is cold and wet and I understand.  Basically he is put off that there is this white stuff all over the places where he wants to play.

Snow 2.10.2011

Snow 2.10.2011

Walker really wants to make snowballs, but it is hard to do it with one glove.  He tries, but it is a bit frustrating to try and do it without freezing your fingers off.  I know, cause I made a few and yeah cold.

Snow 2.10.2011

Eli retreats his hands to his pockets and DOES NOT want to have snowballs thrown at him.  This presents a dilemma, as I'm sure you can see.  One child with snowballs, one child who collapses into hysterics if hit with a snowball...use your imagination.

Snow 2.10.2011

Baby does enjoy running around with Walker in the crunchy snow, but he too is against any sort of snowball fight.

Snow 2.10.2011

We all reach our cold limit after about 30 minutes.  30 minutes of mostly fun with a bit of tears thrown in as well.  The verdict: Snow is cold and wet and we don't really have the gear to enjoy it, but it sure is pretty to look at from inside the warm house.

{I'm heading to the thrift store in April when everyone cleans out their closets and buying some snow gear for next year, just in case. Which means, of course, it won't snow here for the next 10 years.  My apologies in advance.}

Part of Beth's You Capture: Cold.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anniversary 10.0

My anniversary surprise trip in detail.  Husbands, take note, this is the way to a woman's heart.  A completely planned and arranged for vacation.  If you really want to take the easy way out, just plan on Savannah and Jason will have done all the leg work for you.

7:00am. Wake to Eli demanding chocolate milk and discover a surprise box on my night stand. It is filled cards revealing a getaway trip with all the details handled, but I am not privey too.  Quickly determine my husband is the best and I am the luckiest lady having a tenth anniversary out there. 
8:00pm. Bring sleepy children to Gammy and Grin's house for the drop off. They couldn't be more happy to be rid of us.

5:30am. The alarm sounds to begin the day's adventure.
10:15am. Arrive in Atlanta for a short lay-over and promise each other that we will never wait until 10:15 again before having a cup of coffee. We drink 2 cups while watching planes land and we both agree that Seattle's Best regular ole cup o'coffee is better than Starbucks.
4:30pm We arrive in Savannah after a bit of a delayed flight. We flew in on a completely full flight. The poor business guy next to me put on his headphones and closed his eyes after just a few minutes of me crying though Ann Voskamps book.  
5:00pm arrive at Hotel Avia. It is the bomb diggity, y'all. Most defintiley the nicest room we have ever stayed in. I discover we have the "romance package" complete with a suite, chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne. Appropriate, yes?
Savannah 2011
7:00pm. Dinner at The Olde Pink House. Amazing. The setting is perfect. The food is amazing and the company is even better. Our waiter is very personable and likes to use the word "tremendous."
9:30pm. We crawl into bed go to sleep early! This is how folks with 3 kids and who are self-employed! No laundry, deadlines, dishes, help tickets....

7:30am. This appears to be as late as I can sleep, but still 10 hours of sleep is about double the norm, so I'm feeling pretty good.
9:00am. Breakfast at the hotel. Everywhere in Savannah serves shrimp and grits, morning, noon and night. It is Savannah's 'thing'.
9:30am. Our self-guided, exploring tour of Savannah. We discover that the shops on the river are the typical tourist places. As we move inland every 3 blocks there is a park square. Each one has some rich historical significance and is georgeous. The shops become more refined and unique. We pick out several homes that would be sufficient for us. The weather is perfect. The scenery is amazing. There might not be a more beautiful town and there has never been a better walk.
Savannah 2011 (cream soda for me and a cherry coke for him)
After lunch at Leopold's, where the ice cream is the star of the meal, we make it to the most amazing park I have ever seen, Forsyth Park. It seems impossible that this is a public place. There is much activity, mostly locals and everyone of them has a dog.
Savannah 2011
3:00pm. We take the ferry across the river to the Westin...for a trip to the spa, yes please! We have our first ever couples massage and come out all relaxed and smelling good.
Savannah 2011
8:00pm. Dinner at Elizabeth's on 37th. Y'all, eat here. The Captain took our order and recommended the wine, take his recommendations folks.
Savannah 2011 (picture in the hotel mirror, all fancy before dinner)
10:30pm. Another early it.

8:15am.  I finally give in and get out of bed.  In room coffee and reading this morning.
10:15am.  We put our name on the Lady and Sons wait list.
11:00am.  We hear the "Come and get it" triangle ring outside Lady and Sons and within 15 minutes the entire three floor restaurant is filled.  Mind you, this is a very low tourists time.  Wow.  We enjoy the fried chicken, green beans and lima beans the most.  Gammy makes Paula Deen's banana pudding better than Paula Deen's restaurant. (Second "best thing I ever ate" experience with the hoecakes, and honestly I'm a bit let down)
12:00pm.  We head to Tybee Island to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  The beach is beautiful, but still a bit cool in the wind.  {I know, I know, it is January so we are doing pretty well to be out there at all}
Savannah 2011
2:00pm.  We climb the steps to the lighthouse and tour the grounds.
Savannah 2011 {we made it to the top!}
3:30pm.  Grown up nap time.  Don't be jealous.
5:00pm.  Coffee and walking.  If we could do this for an hour everyday I think we could conquer anything.
8:00pm. It is Sunday night and things are much calmer than they were the previous two evenings in the town.  We head to Jazz'd for a low key dinner of tapas.
10:30pm.  Jason admits he feels lousy and just needs to rest.  Poor guy, gets a stomach problem to end the vacation.

8:00am.  Jason is definitely feeling puny, but puts on a happy face for the last day of our journey.
9:00am.  A short walk in the rain to grab some breakfast.  The quiche and the stuffed crousiants are fantastic at Goose Feathers.
10:00am.  Jason indulges me in some last minute shopping to pick up a things we really liked along the way.  There were lots of unique shops with great shop owners.  The shopping right on the river is touristy and leaves something to be desired, but the shops along the squares and historic streets are great.
1:00pm.  Airport bound.  So sad to be leaving the dream, but so refreshed from our time.
6:30pm.  Home and able to wrap our arms around our sweet babies.

It was the perfect balance of scheduled events and relaxed down time.  We could not have enjoyed our time more.  Thank you, Jesus, for this amazing time of restoration and encouragement together.

{Resolve to do something this amazing at least once every 10 years.}