Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Splash Pad

My friend Amber had heard about this park about 30 minutes north of us that has a new splash pad with all sorts of fun water squirting equipment.

She invited us to go, so we took our four boys (soon to be six) out to play. It was a little cool that day, so the kids didn't get quite as into it as we had expected, but I am sure as the summer comes and the temperatures climb they will be more than willing to get soaked.

Eli enjoyed playing, but never really got wet.
Splash Pad

Splash Pad

Walker took a little while, but eventually got into running all around.
Splash Pad

Harrison was the only one brave enough to run through the rings.
Splash Pad

It will be a great place to visit this summer and it is free! Of course, it will be a bit more complicated with Colin's arrival, but I'm sure we can make it work.

Celebrating Colin

Celebrating Colin

Celebrating Colin

My sweet friend Sara organized a girls night out to celebrate Colin's upcoming arrival . I told her it wasn't necessary and that by no means were presents to be included, but we all know that good friends never listen.

We had a great night out at the Cheesecake Factory and the ladies all went together to get a few things for our new baby.

First, they got us an ear infection checker. After the history we have with Walker and Eli this will be a huge stress reliever. Just to know if we need to head to the doctor or not is wonderful (our pediatrician actually used this exact device on Sara's son to check for fluid, so even better).

Second, they got us a thermometer for the ear. This we can use on all three kids and not have to fight the squirmy wormies or wonder if we are putting the thermometer in the right place.

What thoughtful friends to get us things that really will take some of the stress of these baby years off mommy and daddy!

Thank you so much to all the ladies who came out to celebrate and who have sent their well wishes!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The New Favorite

The boys are currently obsessed with this movie.

It is based on this book written in 1978 and it appears that the movie was not made long after the book was written.

There is no dialogue and the images are incredibly outdated, but they love it and beg to watch it all day. It has bought me 13 minutes of peace several times, so I'm not complaining. I'm just a little confused.

What to do with this?

I get Google Alerts for anything on the internet that uses Walker's name. I had a tech guy at school suggest that all parents do this with their kids names.

Now I think it is much more useful for teenage kids, who would be using their name on websites and in places you might not approve of, but I still use it for my preschooler.

All I have learned thus far is that there is some comic book writer who has the same name and gets mentioned in lots of articles related to comic festivals and events. This is not helpful to me, however....

A few days ago, I came across this in my email.

Sure, it is spelled wrong, but what isn't?

I'm thinking about buying it and tucking it away until his wedding rehearsal dinner and giving it to his bride.

It would be my first "romance novel" purchase, but I don't know if I can resist.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Place Your Bets

With Colin's arrival quickly approaching everyone is playing thing "When and How Much" game.

So, let's all make our predictions. Leave a comment and that will be the official record keeping to see who comes the closest. There is no real prize, other than bragging rights. But, bragging rights are pretty cool.

To start everyone out on an even playing field here is some general information.

Due Date - June 11th

Walker - 2 1/2 weeks early (37 weeks and 5 days), and 7lbs 13ozs

Eli - 1 week early (39 weeks) and 7lbs 15ozs
Eli's First Photo Shoot

Colin is "measuring" 2 weeks ahead. So for example, I had my appointment today and I should measure 34 weeks, but I measure 36 weeks. He has been this way pretty much all along.

Two of the OB's at my doctors office have shared there predictions - one said he would be here at 38 weeks (May 28th) and 8lbs, and the other just said "early" and 7lbs 14ozs.

Here is a picture from today of my current size and shape of baby carrying.

So, let's here it. Give me a date and a weight and we will see who can make the best guess!

Making Up for Lost Time

Eli's fabulous night out, enjoying some dairy.

A Moe's taco...with cheese.
A taco...with cheese

Real milk, like from a cow. He drank every drop.
Real Milk

The best part, ice cream at Dairy Queen.
Bring on the Ice Cream

Bring on the lce Cream

From the very beginning Eli has had a sensitive tummy. While I was nursing him my diet was basically restricted to anything made with plain white flour and bananas.

He was put on lactose free formula and then Lactaid when he was old enough for regular milk.

When that seemed to upset his stomach he was switched to soy milk.

He just always had something upsetting his tummy. Eventually we removed everything with dairy from his diet. Still some days he was fine, and some days he wasn't.

Finally, at 2 he was given an allergy screening. He not allergic to milk, but is allergic to soy.

What?!? I have been pumping him full of soy for over a year now.

Big time mommy guilt. Most kids (80%, says the pediatrician) grow out of a dairy allergy by the time they are 2, so he could have had it and just out-grown it. But still, I feel really awful for giving him something (continuously) we now know he is allergic, too!

For dinner tonight he will be able to have cheese on his taco (kids eat free at Moe's) and then off to Dairy Queen for his first ice cream!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not to be Left Out

On a recent trip to New York the boys' other Uncle Matthew (Jason's Brother) and Aunt Ally brought them back some prizes. These boys are loved all around.

Gifts from New York from jason.mccay on Vimeo.

Good Morning, Sunshine.

This morning I received the most precious wake up call.

Walker tiptoed quietly into our room (at 5:57am).

He gently placed his hand on my hand and whispered, "Mommy, is it mornin' time?"

Technically anything before 6am around here is not "mornin' time," so I told him no and he rushed off back to bed.

Of course, no one actually fell back asleep and we were all up and eating breakfast by 6:30, but that was fine.

I'll be storing away this sweet memory of the loving way Walker came to me this morning. You know, as hope for when Colin is asking me to get out of bed in a much louder and less-gentle way!