Friday, February 20, 2009

Puzzle Master

Lately Walker's favorite thing to do is puzzles. He has several that are his favorites and he just sits down and does them without any help.

Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master

This is definitely my organized boy who loves things that have a "right" way to do them. Even when he is building with blocks he has to be building something. Eli just takes blocks and stacks them until it turns into something. Not Walker, he must have in mind that he is building a train, a garage, a fire station or something else equally specific. And if you put a block on his creation that is not part of this architect's plans he will quickly remove it.

I guess we will just have to wait for him to grow up to see what kind of engineer he chooses to become.

Do we really need baby clothes?

If we are out shopping I will ask Walker if we should get a certain shirt or outfit for Baby Colin.

His response, "No, he already has that one outfit at home." And there is no reasoning with him about the fact that he has lots of clothes, so just maybe the baby will need lots too (which in all fairness there might be a whole closet of baby clothes from the two big brothers).

He is referring to this cute little one piece summer outfit Gammy and Grin have already picked up for Colin.
Baby Outfit

But, some things mommy can't resist...Come on, it is a heart made out of dirt! What boy mom could resist. Of course, it helped that it was on "the practically free" rack at Target.
Boy Mom
*When I referred to the "excavator" carrying the heart, Walker made sure to correct me and let me know it was a crane.

I think I have shown amazing restraint thus far, but I can't make any promises as Colin's arrival draws nearer.

Break Out the Monogramming Machines!

This child has a name! I don't know why I worry about it every time. Each time there has been a moment when Jason and I just know the right name has been given to us.

I love being able to call him by name, especially when he is dancing on my bladder.

Drum roll please...

Baby Boy #3 is Colin Joseph. We couldn't be more pleased.

We like Colin because it is a strong name and it goes well with our last name. I had actually been telling people that I like "c" names and two syllable names - this fits both. It was also my great grandfather's middle name, that he gave himself.

Joseph is from Jason's grandfather, "Dandy." The name is also for one of our favorite Old Testament personalities.

Walker is calling him by name now, and it is precious. I'm glad he came around to mommy and daddy's name for the baby, since he really wanted to name him Train Conductor.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Again, Who Needs Toys?

Just like the living room tent this is another wonderful toy that most of us played with as a child and is still gets my boys' stamp of approval. That's right, a big empty box.

Both boys immediately agreed it was a car.
"Box Car"

And even hitched up another box behind it as a trailer.
"Box Car"

They pretended to fix the battery (things they have learned from their Handy Manny fix it truck).
"Box Car"

Hours of fun provided by a nice large box. This is one of the the few advantages to Costo not using bags for what you buy.

Easy to Please

These kids are easy to please at lunch time.

This kid LOVES a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He would have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

And this kid loves chicken nuggets, well really he just loves whatever dip is being served with the nuggets. But, hey whatever gets him to eat some protein.

Lunch Time

So their favorite lunch takes about 3 minutes total to prepare and cost about $1 for both. Mommy approves.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Living Room Tent

A week ago or so, when it was still so cold and the boys and I were trying to stay occupied inside, one of my bright ideas was to build a tent. Not a real tent mind you, rather one made out of blankets and kitchen chairs.
The Living Room Tent

It went pretty well. The boys had fun dragging all sorts of toys in there (note the giant fluffy dogs and dump truck parts). Really the only trouble is that Eli didn't want to slow down and lift the door, so sometimes he took the tent down on his way in.
The Living Room Tent

Now Walker wants to have it up all the time, even if he only goes in once a day.
The Living Room Tent

It is good to know that things that were fun for my brother and I when we were little are still fun for my boys. Somethings can stand the test of time (just not the need for kitchen chairs at dinner time).