Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Tell Colin

But sometimes after he is tucked in bed we go outside for popsicles, and a game of red light/green light, and getting to play outside without the blazing hot sun.

Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Green Light
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Red Light
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Eli will only obey red lights to a certain point. Beyond that point he is going to keep running no matter red, yellow, or green light. You know, kind of how some grown ups treat red lights.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Walker does not let his brother ignoring the rules slide. He makes sure he hears about it.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Running off all remaining energy. You would think this would make it easier for them to fall asleep before me, but it turns out that is not the case.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

Backyard Red Light, Green Light

They are almost to big for this trick and really daddy is the only one strong enough to still do it with their 40lbs a piece.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

But, oh how they love it.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light

I love the evenings that end this way. And, no worries, Baby Colin will be joining the party before we know it.
Backyard Red Light, Green Light
{sweaty, thirsty, but so happy}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magically Aging Haircuts

Why do little boys' haircuts make them instantly become years older? I am not inclined to make them look any older than absolutely necessary so I avoid haircuts as long as possible.

But...Eli's hair. Oh, it is wild and unruly and combing, brushing or styling doesn't help.
Grandparents Visit

Something had to be done.

Such. Big. Boys.
Post Haircuts

I sure hope getting haircuts myself does not cause this kind of dramatic aging.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Grandparents Came

I know we are beyond blessed to have great-grandparents that delight to come and visit.

Grandparents Visit

And when it happens 2 days in a row I'm overwhelmed.


Time in a bottle please.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

When It Is Too Hot To Do Anything Else

Backyard Pool

We hosted a couple of friends on Friday. It was lovely. The boys played beautifully. The littlest napped while 4 boys impossibly close in age and situation splashed and enjoyed a gorgeous Alabama summer day.

And there was story telling.
Backyard Pool

And underwater cars.
Backyard Pool

And splashing.

And sand.

And "sharing."

And freeze pops.
Freeze Pops

And eventually snacks for "baby."

And this house felt perfectly happy while filled to the brim.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr. Potato Head and Other Adventures

A short poem about our photo situation before we begin:

Our 50mm lens is broken.
This makes me sad and means I only use my iPhone for pictures.
I'm sorry.
They stink.
The End.

The boys and I met our dear friends the Toones at McWane Science Center this morning for some nice air conditioned play time.

Colin is up and running now. He still tolerates the stroller for a bit, but then he is ready to run. Momma thinks this ok when the crowds are light, but no so much with lots of big kids whirling around.
And, I know he just looks like he is lounging around, but this was just a momentary rest.

Mr. Potato Head was there.

And he brought lots of cool Mr. Potato Head adventures.

There was digging for dinosaur bones.

And there was much fun for all the boys and girls.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50/50 Shot

He has a 50/50 shot when dressing himself of getting things on front ways.


But sometimes, all 3 pieces of clothing he is wearing (seen and unseen) get put on backwards.


Guess he is just lucky.

When You're Feeling Croupy

You might have a sad look on your face while watching an early morning movie.

Mommy might offer you a million beverages, just in an attempt to keep you hydrated.
IMG_0033.JPG (not the coffee mate, that would be weird)

Mommy might give you a breathing treatment, because she doesn't know what else to do.

You might win at Candyland. Fair and square {spirit lifter}.

You might have to pull your train into the station and take a rest {saddest thing ever}.

It had been a long time since Walker had been really sick, but this croup really took a hold of him. After a couple of rough nights we visited the doctor and got some steroids. He is doing much better. The cough is still hanging around, but it is manageable.

I really thought it would get easier to see them sick as they got older and were no longer babies who couldn't understand. I was wrong. It does not get any easier. This mommy thing isn't for sissies.