Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We family birthday celebration for Eli on Saturday. Just about everything that could have happened last week to make me want to cancel the party did happen, but I am so glad we went ahead with the party. Everything went smoothly and I am so glad we will have these memories of Eli forever. Thanks to all those who attended and helped out and all those who were here in spirit!

Eli's First Birthday's Party

Eli's First Birthday's Party

Eli's First Birthday's Party

Eli's First Birthday's Party

Eli's First Birthday's Party

Eli enjoyed the presents, and once we got his brother under control he even did a little unwrapping. Of course he was spoiled by is loving family (and Walker will reap the benefits as well). He got right into the cake and made a royal mess of himself pretty quickly. After a quick bath he was able to return the the party and end the evening wonderfully!

Untitled from jason.mccay on Vimeo.

Total Mommy Comment: Oxyclean is amazing. That shirt is perfectly clean, even the white parts, after blue icing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Family Shot

Jason and The Boys

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

We had a lovely family Easter this year. First thing in the morning both boys headed for their baskets, no trouble at all figuring out what to do. The Easter eggs made to look like fire trucks and school buses were a big hit. After that we headed to church, where we kept nursery, but it was the first time Eli had been able to go in months, so that was special. Church was followed by a light lunch, naps, Easter dinner and a calm family evening together. It was a great day!

I am so thankful to our Lord for all that Easter means. It is wonderful to know that we serve the Living God who took on all my sin and my guilt and made it possible for me to have a daily open relationship with my Savior. I think having kids is deepening this understanding for me, because not only did he do it for me, but he did it for my kids, too. And good news to anyone reading this, He did it for you also. He loves us that much; what an amazing gift.

"Baby Eli" is One!

Eli sleeping

Eli's First Birthday's Party

It is hard to imagine that it is possible, but Eli turned one on Easter Sunday. It is one of those things where I can hardly believe he was ever a tiny little baby, but at the same time this year has zoomed by so fast I can't believe he isn't a baby at all anymore.

At one he is my little snuggle bunny who loves to be held and gives hugs freely. He has an amazing smile that goes from ear to ear and he shares it with most everyone. He has quite a preference for mommy and needs to know where I am at all times, that is unless Walker is doing something far more interesting. He loves to play with blocks and anything else that can be stacked or nested into each other, and there was no getting out of playing with trucks around here. He has also become interested in books and will actually stay in my lap for a whole book (a short one).

He is walking well, even in his shoes. He has a few words (dada, mama, ba da (bath tub)). He knows far more words but prefers to grunt and point until someone else says the right word. He is still pretty attached to his pacifier. He sleeps all night and takes one super nap a day. He is wearing mostly 18 month size clothing, and I can tell that his fast growth pattern is slowing down, so I think we will make it through summer in this size.

This year has been rough on the little guy. In the very beginning he struggled with colic and getting enough sleep. Once that had passed, he has had to fight ear infections and breathing problems from asthma. Through all of that he has never failed to learn, grow and thrive. I cannot wait to see what year two holds for this little guy and I am so thankful that I am able to be a part of it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Houseguest

You know how when you are taking down your Christmas decorations there is always that one thing that doesn't make it in the attic? Well, ours this year is the wreath. Since it was forgotten, I had just planned on changing the bow to make it more seasonally appropriate (which I still plan to do).

Several weeks ago we noticed bird chirping that sounded like it was just at our front door. I thought some birds had found a way into the attic and were making a nest in there. We would notice when we went out the front door that there would be two finches sitting in the tree out front. Have you figured out where I'm going with this yet?

Then twigs started to appear in the top of the wreath. Then a perfect nest. By this point every time we opened the front door a bird would fly out to the tree in the yard.

Bird in the Dining Room

Then Sunday night as Jason was heading out for his run he opened the front door, and Momma Bird flew in the house instead of out to her perch on the tree. We check the nest, and sure enough three perfect eggs.

Nest on the wreath

After about 20 minutes of hilarity we were able to scoop her into a bowl and get her back to her nest. We were afraid that we might have stressed her out to much and she would abandon the nest, but she did not.

We listen to her song all day long and carefully open the door, making sure to give her time to fly to her tree. Now that the eggs are there, she watches us very carefully the whole time. When the eggs hatch, I suppose we will have to use the garage door as the front door. :)

The way I figure it, this is a pretty smart Momma Bird. The place she chose to build her nest is protected from the wind, rain, predators and so forth. The only thing she has to deal with is those pesky humans swinging the door open a few times a day.

Here are couple videos of the event. Professional bird handlers, we are not. The second one is worth it, just to hear the two of us talking to the bird, like crazy people.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Belated

Last week Eli and I made it to an early St. Patrick's Day party at Jenny's house. It was my first outing since Eli's surgery, but I didn't count it as official, since Walker wasn't with us. The weather was beautiful and the kids had fun running around and eating green themed snacks, and maybe the moms enjoyed some chat time as well.

(Note the bare feet)

It was at this event I realized exactly how opposed Eli is to walking in shoes. He will not move with shoes on, in fact, he would rather not even stand. He immediately sits down and examines these strange contraptions on his little feet. I guess this is what happens when you learn to walk during a time that you are not allowed to go to public places. I hope he figures it out soon or it could make for an interesting summer.

Grandma and Grandpa Hermie

In other exciting St. Patrick's Day news my grandparents called me yesterday, which is their anniversary, to let us know that they have a contract on their house in Atlanta and are planning the big move to Birmingham!!! We have been praying about this for quite a while now and I am so excited for them to be close to us. They have been such an important part of my life and I look forward to all the wonderful times they will have with my boys! They have always been willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of our lives, and this is another shining example.

Petting Zoo

Last Thursday the boys and I headed to a local petting zoo. This was our first trip out with our Moms Club since Eli's house arrest, so I'm pretty sure I was more excited than the kids. I didn't expect Walker to be scared of the animals, but I wasn't exactly sure how he would react to all these farm animals coming right up to him. Soon after we arrived, I realized my camera battery was dead, so thanks to my friend Jenny for the pictures.

When we walked up to the gate a pony came right up to to us. Walker says, "its a horse." I say, "your right it looks like a little horse, but it's a pony." Then he had the most adorable conversation with the pony while he petted it that led with: "Hello Pony, how are you doing today?"

Some of my favorite other quotes of the day:
  • The donkey looks sad, he go nigh, nigh
  • The mooster (rooster, he knows the right word, but thought that was much funnier) goes cock a do
  • He eat de cern (the corn) on the ground
  • No touch the poop
  • The ducks are all done taken a bath (after they flew away from the pond)
Walker had a blast running from one end of the farm to the other. It was the perfect setting for my independent child to run free.

Eli stayed in the stroller. I still can't trust him to stay upright and crawling in animal pellets is not allowed. Unfortunately the only picture my wonderful photographer friend took of Eli was after I had parked him behind a donkey. Poor kid, it's tough being the second child.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dancin' Mommy

I took Walker to get a much needed haircut on Saturday. There was a little bit of a wait, and of course Walker did his usual entertain the crowd routine. He was very patient. After a while, a train came by, and I picked him up so he could get a better view out of the window.

While we were standing there the song "Say" came on the radio. Now I have found that listening to John Mayer (the artist of the song), Jack Johnson, and the like help to keep a calm mood around here (a good let down after the children's songs get them all hyped up). So many days I have this music going while we are playing. Now, in a secret known only to the boys and me up to this point, we do quite a bit of dancing around here. I give the boys turns, and they are always eager to be picked up and turned around by their momma. Well, when this song came on the radio in the hair salon, Walker asked for a dance, "Dancin Mommy, Dancin." I was all I could do not to start crying right there, but I saved that for the ride home. But you better believe, right there watching the train we took some time and swayed together.

My, a little less than sentimental self, used to think the mother/son dance at weddings always seemed forced and uncomfortable. Now I know what I will be thinking of, no matter what Walker is thinking of and it will be cherished.

Walker in a Basket

Walker in the Laundry Basket

Walker in the Laundry Basket

Monday Walker spent just about the whole day playing with the empty laundry basket. First he put all his blocks in it, and built castles in the giant tower. Then he pushed it around like a a car, complete with the appropriate noises. He spent a considerable amount of time "fixing" it with hammers and screwdrivers (Eli helped with this part) and finally put himself inside it. It is really amazing me how much he is using his imagination in his play now.

Walker Being Silly

Walker Smiling for the Camera

Every Mother's Dream

This is the scene I stumbled upon after I had left the boys alone for a few minutes while doing some cleaning.

Walker and Eli Reading

I rushed in there, because I was sure they were playing with the XBOX or the cable box. :) But no, they had gotten out basket of books and were both "reading." It was one of those heart exploding with pride moments. I'm so glad I was here to see it, and that they are together to do it.

The Boys Reading

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All is well!

Eli came through the surgery beautifully! Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words. Jason's comment was, "I think we need some proof that they actually did something." He was gone from us for about 30 minutes and came back a little dazed looking but happy. Now we can plan a calendar full of activities. Everyone ready to play? :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Clear Ears, on the way!

I just got the final call from the outpatient surgical center and Eli is all set for his surgery tomorrow. I was waiting for that call to believe it was really going to happen. We are to report at 5:45am and should be home before lunch! They said he can take is pacifier into the operating room that is a big relief to me. I am really looking forward to him being more comfortable if he does get a cold and hopefully this will lessen the struggles he has had with the asthma as well. Thank you in advance for all your early morning prayers!

Pops' Pick-Up Truck

Walker and Eli in the truck

Grandma Jayne preventing a fall

My dad has a big red pick-up truck that the boys love, almost as much as he does. Whenever we go to visit Pops and Grandma Jayne or they come here, Walker expects to be able to play in "Pops' truck." And when we are out driving somewhere all trucks are "Pops' trucks," as in, "it's a green pops truck," or "a blue pops truck," and if it is big and red, he is sure it is the actual pops truck.

Last week, Eli got his first turn. The two of them look so cute, and it reminds me so much of the hours my brother and I spent playing in the back of my grandfather's truck (and even taking short trips in the bed of it, makes me shutter just to think about it now). And as my dad put it we now have, "a giant mobile play pen.

Eli and Pops Making Faces
Eli making his famous (at least to me) face

Friday, March 7, 2008

Eli, The Toddler

My little guy is on the move. Thought some of you might enjoy seeing him walk room to room and talk a little. As you can tell from the condition of the house, he is pretty good at obstacle courses as well. He still doesn't have much to say, he is far to busy moving to worry about talking. He does say momma, but only if he is mad and wants to get my attention, never by request. Dada, of course, he says all day.

His movements remind me why this at this stage they are called toddlers. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The New 'Do

For those who are interested....

Katy and the Boys

I feel so grown up. :)

The bangs always sweep to the right, but the second two pictures were taken with the Mac, and it doesn't do something that regular cameras do to reverse stuff, like words and which way your part goes, apparently, it's more like a mirror image.

Happy Birthday to Me

Grandma Jayne, Pops and Walker

Walker, Hannah and Eli "Playing"

My dad and Jayne threw a wonderful party for our family. It has been a while since everyone has gotten together, so it was nice to have everybody in one place. My grandparents came from Aberdeen and Atlanta, my aunt and cousin came and Matt, Allyson and the girls were able to come as well. Jason's Dad made it, but his mom was working so she had to miss it (see later notes).

Highlights of the party:
  • Walker kissing/spitting on Hannah. It was so precious, he did such a nice job of giving her a kiss, but he left her with quite a wet mark on her head as well.
  • My name, made entirely of cheese ball
  • The beautiful cake
  • Presents. :) No matter how old you are.
  • Eli wowing everyone with his walking abilities.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Hermie looking into real estate... across the street.
  • Walker making sure Eli had one of Pop's trucks to play with, before playing with his.
  • Everyone being well behaved, even though naps were delayed.
Jason's mom wasn't able to make it to the party because she had planned to work on Saturday, so that she could give me a day off for my birthday. So last week I was given an entire day free of child care duties. I began the day at the salon for a new haircut, followed by much shopping to spend all the gift cards and money I had received as birthday presents. I usually have difficulty parting with my money, but on this trip I did not have that problem. I bought things I wouldn't have otherwise, and haven't regretted it for a moment. Jason was able to join me at the end of the day for a date. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner out together, and we even had a gift card for that. A day of pampering, shopping, and romance, and nothing came out of our budget, how nice!

Thank you so much to all that made this birthday feel so special. I feel very valued and am so glad you were able to be a part of it.