Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally Enjoying the Christmas Train

All the boys' patience paid off when the train was up and running. They made sure to watch closely as the train made each pass around the track.

Watching the completed Christmas train

Watching the completed Christmas train

Nothing like laying down to get an up close and clear view.
Watching the completed Christmas train

Watching the completed Christmas train

IMG_8985Watching the completed Christmas train

Walker learning how to be the engineer.
Learning how to be the engineer

Learning how to be the engineer

He is pretty good at it now. The only problem is keeping his little brother out of his way. Although, that is a problem in a lot of situations around here.
Learning how to be the engineer

Christmas Train Set-Up

After enjoying a wonderful dinner that Grammy and Grin had brought over, it was finally time to put together the Christmas train.

First we had to get it out of the box.
Putting together the Christmas Train

Putting together the Christmas Train

Putting together the Christmas Train

Walker had a lovely conversation with the engine and Santa on the back of the engine while the majority of the track was put together.
Walker admiring the engine

Helping Grin with the final piece of track.
Putting together the Christmas Train

Putting together the Christmas Train

Getting the cars on the track.
Putting together the Christmas Train

Putting together the Christmas Train

The whole process went pretty smoothly and quickly (which was important by this point). Thanks so much to Grin for helping Jason and the boys get the train just right!

The Christmas Train Determination

Sunday afternoon Jason made the amazing accomplishment of clearing out the garage and getting all the Christmas decorations out of the attic. That was intended to be the completion of the day's activities, but Walker had other ideas. He spotted the box with the Christmas train, and that was it. The train was going to go up Sunday night, no matter what.

First we told him we had to move our big chair to make room for the Christmas tree. So, he hauled a giant cushion to the play room/office.

Then, we told him we had to get the tree up first. So, he drug the top part of the tree through the garage into the kitchen. (I know, I know, fake tree; but it sure is nice that it takes all of 12 minutes to go from attic to lights on)

By now it was dinner time, so we told him he had to get a good dinner before we could put the train together. He promptly sat down at the table and started shouting, "Mommy, cook me a healthy dinner!"

I think if we had told him he had to rake the yard to put up the Christmas train, he would have figured out how to do it.

During this whole process Walker waffled between complete determination to get the job done, and extreme whiny toddler frustration that he was having to wait. It was pitiful and kind of funny all at the same time.

Cough, Cough, Runny Nose

The boys have a had a cold the past few days. They have handled it pretty well, but sometimes they have just needed a break to sit down and be still.

Hanging out on the sofa

Their new Aunt Elaine made them these adorable fire truck blankets last Christmas. Walker uses his all the time, but Eli has been to small for his. Well, I pulled them both out and they snuggled right it, and looked pretty precious all warm and cozy.

Hanging out on the sofa

Pops the Tickle Monster

Pops the Tickle Monster

Pops the Tickle Monster

Pops the Tickle Monster

A couple of weeks ago Pops came over to watch the boys while I went to Bible study. He got right to tickling the boys until they could hardly breath. It brought back so many childhood memories of my own. Of course, they did manage to make it out without any bumps or bruises. I can't say I was a always so lucky. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gross words that begin with "B"

One morning last week Walker had something in his mouth. He had been talking about a "buggie" that he was chasing down around the back door, so I had immediate suspicions. I panic and ask him what is in his mouth.

His response, "b...b...buggers."

The crazy thing, my first reaction was not the extreme disgust you are probably all feeling right now, it was relief that he had not eat some unidentified bug. Of course, then we dealt with the problem at hand and had a lesson on blowing our nose. But, I still felt that was a better outcome than eating a bug.

The thing is, I think it takes a boy mom to appreciate this story. They are constantly into something and the outcome is almost always unexpected. I really want a boymom T-shirt, but I should probably wait until January, to make sure boys still have a corner on the market around here. All you boy moms out there ought to check out the link. We deserve special recognition of what it takes to be a boy mom!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Visit from the Greats!

Memaw, Dandy, Walker and Eli

A couple of weeks ago Jason's grandparents, Memaw and Dandy, made a special trip to visit us. The boys had so much fun and were worn out when they left.

Dandy showed Walker how to use the fire truck like a crane.
Building on the Fire Truck

Memaw indulged Eli's desire to read book after book.
Memaw reading to Eli

Memaw brought Halloween cupcakes that the boys LOVED.
Halloween Cupcakes

Eli put the decorative hat right on his head. He knew just where it was supposed to go, and it was precious.
Silly Eli

We were so happy for the visit and can't wait to see them again!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Post-Halloween Interviews

Here are a couple of videos of the boys right after they went trick-or-treating. It is the night in their own words, just too precious not to share.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Festival

Last Sunday our neighborhood had a fall festival. My dad and Jayne came over to go with the boys and to celebrate my dad's birthday.

The fireman and giraffe had a Pops driven wagon ride to the festival.
Riding to the Neighborhood Fall Festival

Walker got a tractor ride (okay I know it is a lawnmower, but the kids thought it was pretty cool).
Walker riding the "tractor"

Eli was the most precious giraffe there.

Eli got very excited when Grandma Jayne came. He even ran out in front of the "tractor."
Eli and Grandma Jayne

Walker did great at bobbing for apples, and then eating his apple. Right up until the trick-or-treat part, and then I ended up with a half eaten apple in my hand.
Walker successfully bobbing for apples

I surprised dad by signing his birthday card from "The Five McCay's" to share our big baby news with him.
Pops finding out about the new baby

Pops finding out about the new baby

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Everyone had a good time and I am glad Pops and Grandma Jayne were able to come over and see the boys in their more than adorable costumes.