Tuesday, May 13, 2014


You know that one awesome piece of clothing you have? That top or dress that looks so great hanging in your closet, but doesn't quite fit right and never really feels comfortable, that one? It turns out living in California is kind of like that ill fitting shirt for us.  It is so pretty from the outside, but it just doesn't quite work for us.

We will be saying good-bye to the Bay Area and heading back to Alabama in a few short weeks.

It should great and there is so much to be happy with here and so many reasons that we should fit right in. But the thing is - it just hasn't happen.  We have been trying for the better part of three years to make this move fit, but the further we get into the more uncomfortable we get.  Jason and I have realized that this place just isn't a fit for us.  We have loved our time here and there will be much that we miss, but it is time to let go of this thing that will just never fit right or feel comfortable.

We miss our families. We miss our friends. We miss kind smiles and wide opened spaces. We are ready to settle and find a peace of place for our family. No house or city is perfect and there will be some things we still find uncomfortable, but it is time to go "home."

We will be packing up these memories and experiences with us.  They have added so much value to our family experience.  We will be leaving a bit of our family heart here and part of me is sad that these California memories will fade for our young children.  But these few years of growing and stretching will impact who we are as a family and as individuals forever.