Thursday, February 21, 2008

McWane with Daddy

Jason had a few days that he had to take off last week or he was going to lose the days. We would have liked to have taken a little family time away, but Eli is still on house arrest. Jason took most of the days to work with his business partners on their venture, Commonthread. But, he did take one morning and focused on Walker.

Walker at McWane Center

Walker at McWane Center

Walker at McWane Center

Walker at McWane Center

He took Walker to the science museum downtown, the McWane Center. I have wanted to take him for a long time, but haven't built up the guts to do it by myself with both boys. Walker had a blast watching the turtles, playing in the giant water table, sending smoke signals, playing with trucks (of course) and digging for dinosaurs. They have a nice area designed for preschoolers that keeps them out of the path of the big kids there on field trips.

After the museum he decided he wanted Moe's for lunch and he greeted all the customers as they came in. You know, "Welcome to Moe's." He arrived at home exhausted and collapsed for a long nap. I got the impression that Jason wanted to do the same, but he headed back out to work. I am so glad they got some time together, I know they both had a blast. Eli and I had a nice morning as well, working on learning to walk without any big brother tackling.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miracles Happen....

Eli slept for almost 13 hours last night! I would say he is feeling better. Happy baby, happy momma. You have a great day, I know I will.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Eli Snacking

Eli Eating Snacks

Eli is eating table foods without gagging! I am so excited. Anyone who has had a baby knows what a pain baby food is, and while it is convenient it is also a mess and generally something else to keep up with. It will be so much easier when I can feed Walker and Eli the same thing and be done. Of course that is assuming the will eat the same things, haha, I guess we will have to wait and see. Another sign that my baby boy is growing up, but this one doesn't make me sad at all! He is also getting pretty good with the cup, so just maybe the "1 year and done with bottles" goal is possible.

You can also see is first black eye in these pictures. It came courtesy of our entertainment center, not his brother, I promise.

Breaking in the Wagon

Wagon Inauguration

How precious is a little boy with a sideways hat and a pacifier at the same time!?!

Walker Fixing the Situation
Walker didn't think it was as cute as I did, and proceeded to fix the situation.

I finally got around to putting together the wagon my incredibly understanding in-laws got Walker for his first birthday. The boys and I are staying at home all day, everyday (in hopes of keep Eli away from new germs), so I am trying to find new ways to get some excitement. I put it together during nap and when they woke up I strapped them in and we went on a ride around the neighborhood.

Walker was excited and while Eli wasn't unhappy he wasn't really excited either. I should have realized then that he was feeling so bad. The next day we went to the doctor and found out he had two more really bad ear infections. :( Three days of shots and lots of restless nights he seems to be recovered and doing well now.

The nice thing about the wagon is I can put Eli in it when we are outside instead of having to keep him in the stroller. He is at that wonderful stage where he is almost walking so he wants to be down and playing with his brother, but he isn't quite sturdy enough to stay upright for very long. This means I am having to get creative about ways to keep him happy outside so Walker can play. In a month I think he will be walking well enough to be outside on his own, but he isn't quite there yet. It won't be long, they are both growing up so fast.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Joining the Construction Crew

Lately, Eli's favorite toys are the blocks. He has gotten really good at putting the blocks together, which is pretty good for a ten month old. He is also using the shape sorter with his ever developing fine motor skills.

He is learning many other new skills, mostly by watching Walker and then imitating what he is doing. He loads the dump truck, pushes the garbage truck and makes car noise all just like his brother. He also is getting pretty good in the kitchen. He finds a bowl or two or ten and gets a spoon and stirs up whatever he is cooking (much banging accompanies this task).

He is still working on walking. He will take several steps at a time and is becoming more confident about letting go and traveling to a new destination. He still prefers to crawl, but squeals with delight when he makes forward progress by walking.

He has been really sick with some ear infections and his asthma flaring up, so he is staying away from public places and other children and trying to get well. As long as he stays well, he will get a set of tubes on March 11th and hopefully that will alleviate much of his problems. Please keep this in your prayers. The poor little guy really wants to be well.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Daddy Gives In

Two sick kids, two full time jobs, and an incredibly busy week, leaves Jason likes this. He sat down for about ten minutes after dinner and this is how I found him. So pitiful!

Good Morning, Sunshine

I love the way the boys look when the first wake up.



Face creases and messed up hair are so endearing.

Friday, February 1, 2008

And We're Off

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Eli had taken his first step. Look out world (but mostly big brother), here he comes!