Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas in Alabama really was lovely.  It was filled with familiar and loving and just what we needed after the big move.

The past couple of years the Santa visits have been a bit stressful for some of our junior members. This year everyone was excited and calm, and this was the best Santa! He really listened to each of the boys including when Colin was explaining that sometimes his brothers make bad choices, but he tells them not to {I was shaking from laugher, but so appreciative of Santa's caring conversation}

Nine months old is a great time to have your first Christmas.  Lydia had a blast unwrapping things, toddling around and enjoying the extra attention.

Walker, reading all the things and making momma's heart happy.

We were all spoiled with time, affection and surprises.

Pops and Grandma Jayne

The boys had some shopping ideas this year and it was really fun to watch them enjoy the giving.

There were walkie talkies with all the cousins.  They kept calling them "honkie tonkies" and again it was one of those hilarious moments no one dared correct.

It was the boys first Christmas to be trusted with fire, and to be gaining an understanding of what The  Light actually means.

And they only almost set Jason on fire once.

There were Christmas Pajamas

All the kids have been able to wear this one set of PJs.

Then Lydia spilled (cold) coffee all over herself, so now they even have that "aged" color.

Christmas Morning.  Gammy and Grin really did more than needed to give us our "just us" morning  to enjoy Santa and the excitement of the day.

Christmas morning actually began around 2am.  Walker was determined to wait up for Santa.  He set up a walkie talkie by the Christmas tree, propped it on and took the other one to bed with him.  He was awake until almost midnight.  Then at 2am he woke up, and woke his brother up to share that Santa had come.  I don't know how exactly we convinced them to go back to bed, but they did until around 7. Mommy and Daddy we super grateful for Christmas afternoon naps.

Seeing the Christmas sunrise.  While cooking the sausage and cinnamon rolls. What a blessing to have these days we will look back on with smiles and gratitude.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cousin Time

One of the best things about our time visiting in Alabama was spending time with all the cousins.

Of course Evie technically lives in California, but we were able to be in Alabama for her birthday celebration. There is a mere three months between her an Lydia.  I am so happy they will have each other to grow up with.

Evie turned 1.  It really was a great party with so much fun celebrating this little girl's first year.

The boys love no one the way they love Hannah and Leah.  It has been hard for them to be apart.  We made sure to pack as much time as we could together during our visit.

Football watching with the cousin crew

The big kids all went to see a movie and the chief movie disturbers were left at home to play, so I made them pose for pictures.

Christmas parties are always better with cousins.  There were many celebrations, but they really just saw it as another chance to play with Hannah and Leah (and Noah, sort of, I mean he will get there in the love ranking, but for now he still prefers momma over the kid crew).

I pray their bond can overcome any distance.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Great-Grandparents and Trains

The boys, Lydia and I made the road trip to Atlanta during our time in Alabama.  I needed to visit with my grandparents and the boys always love their time with Grandma and Grandpa Hermie and their dog Hershey. {Side note: I always have to correct myself from saying, "the boys and I" and forgetting to add Lydia.  I mean it isn't like I actually forget her, I'm just so used to saying the "boys and I" that I do it all the time.}

We visited the local train museum, because of course we did.

Riding on the steam engine

The boys were not super cooperative with this pic, but I had to try to get and updated version of this one.

Same train a year and half earlier.

It felt so good to put my eyes on them and my arms around them. This year has brought many changes for my grandparents, but every minute with them is still a gift.