Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ironman Hats

The boys' summer hats from last year don't really fit so Jason put his Ironman hats on them on this unseasonably hot spring day. I love seeing kids in adult sized stuff. It is always cute.

Of course, adorableness ensued.

The Big Boy Room

The house is busy with transition as we prepare for the arrival of baby Colin. Furniture is being moved, clothes are being reorganized, and baby gear is being rediscovered and put together. In general lots of things are being done to prepare for our new arrival.

I was apprehensive about the biggest change for the the boys, which was moving Eli to a big boy bed in Walker's room.

We put the bed together a few weeks before we moved Eli out of the crib and started calling it "the big boy room." He seemed really excited about the move, but I was concerned about how it would go.

It went beautifully. We had three nights of laughing and chatting at bedtime, but after that we haven't heard a peep. Eli gets so excited about going to bed and runs to their room when it is time to read stories and settle down.

Of course Eli now has the same bedtime demands as Walker - for a flashlight and a cup of water, but whatever it takes to make him feel like a big boy.

Nap time as been good some days and not so good other days. On those not good days I have been able to move Eli (the talking troublemaker) into our room to sleep. This works out just fine, but of course I have to find a different place to nap. :)

I tiptoed in their room the other night to take a few pictures. They didn't even budge when the flash went off. In fact when one of them wakes up in the middle of the night and cries out for us, it doesn't even wake the other. I hope they sleep this soundly when Colin is waking up in the middle of the night!

Big Boy Bed

Big Brother

Dinner at the Waterfall

Buck Creek Waterfall

One of our new favorite spring activities is to head down to The Depot in Helena and eat dinner overlooking the Buck Creek waterfall.

Walker ask to eat dinner at the waterfall with daddy almost everyday. It is precious.

So of course we indulge them as often as is reasonably possible.

After dinner we go down to run around in front of the waterfall. One night last week we remembered the camera.

Buck Creek Waterfall

Buck Creek Waterfall

Buck Creek Waterfall

It is neat to be able to do this with the boys. When I was little a neighbor used to take us down to the waterfall to find "treasures." It is such a blessing to see it through their eyes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fabulous Day in the Life

Today was one of those days where I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom. I am blessed to have a husband who is so family focused he does whatever it takes to put us above work or hobbies.

The day started out perfectly normal, which means early. Both boys were eating their cinnamon toast waffles by 7.

Jason made it out the door around 8 and the boys and I finished breakfast and got ready.

Then the Mommy Bus headed out for to run a few errands. Snack cups filled with Cherrios and lots of excavators working made the boys seem almost happy to spend an hour in their car seats.

We met Jason at the Lebanese Food Festival at the local Maronite Catholic Church for lunch. My quick reviews: we like the baked kibbee (some sort of beef with pine nuts dish); loobia (green beans with cinnamon); grape leaves; homous; and the cashew finger for dessert. Eli ate everything Jason offered him. Walker pretty much had pita bread for lunch.

Eli got a nice skinned knee (courtesy of his brother) after lunch. I remind myself 5 times a week I need to put band-aids in the diaper bag, but have yet to do it. Thanks to the people at the church he was quickly bandaged up and ready to go again.

I took the boys (in the stroller) in the church to see the beautiful stained glass windows. They were fascinated and whispered the entire time we were in there. It is quite a different church set-up than they are used too, but they seemed to understand it.

After lunch we went across the street to let the boys play in what we quickly discovered was a not-so-well-maintained park fraught with hazards. After a few slides and enough running around to satisfy the boys we headed home for nap time and Jason headed back to work.

When we got home I quickly realized the dogs had gotten into the (kitchen) garbage and distributed its contents throughout the house. There was definitely a momentary flash of frustration, but the day was so good this couldn't even hamper my mood.

After naps we headed out to the park. I had a sudden and emergency craving for a Sonic strawberry slushy. We made it there a exactly 4:02, but they still honored the happy hour price and I drove away with my giant cool drink for the bargain price of $.97. Ahhh, yum.

One more errand and we were at our favorite park to enjoy the great weather and make up for the disappointing park play after lunch. The place was packed, but the boys really stuck together which makes them so much easier to keep up with.

There was a set of triplets there that were around 8 months old. Walker was so sweet with them. I really can't wait to see him with Colin. His interest in all things baby is precious.

We played until Jason met us after work.

For dinner we ate outside over looking the Buck Creek waterfall and watching teenagers have their prom pictures taken. Jason made some comment about Walker doing that in only 13 years...I told him that was unnecessary to bring up in my hormonal state.

After dinner we went down to play by the waterfall, pick up rocks, pick flowers and run off any energy reserves they could possibly have remaining.

Jason gave the boys a good scrubbing in the bath tub. We read two stories and haven't heard a peep since. I would say they were pretty tired, and I can say this because I'm pretty tired too.

After we got the boys down I ran out to get some dog food for the misbehaving dogs. Even though they behaved terribly, I decided against starving them for the night.

When I returned home my fabulous husband was cleaning out my Mommy Bus. This is so long overdue the mess was even bothering me. He said he pulled out 10 snack cups (remember my peaceful ride this morning) among a million other items that have now been properly put in there place. What a guy!

Now to spend the rest of the evening relaxing together. Nothing spectacular or amazing happen today, but it was the perfect day. It is my life, our life, just the way I've always dreamed it could be.

PS -

I do plan to end the evening with a nice bowl of Fruity Cherrios as I have found it allows me to completely avoid waking up at 4am starving and trying to have the same bowl of cereal without waking anyone else in the house. I'm pretty sure baby Colin needs the vitamins. It has nothing to do with the sugary goodness, promise.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christmas in April

Yesterday we received yet another package from my brother and his wife in Japan. They really are fabulous about sending surprises.

This is really cute video of the boys opening everything. It was too good not to post. Please ignore the way I look and the words that come out of my mouth. Let's just blame it on the pain medicine I was taking for my back, okay. Thanks.

Gifts from Japan from jason.mccay on Vimeo.

And then the boys had some fun with bubble wrap.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a little difficulty getting Eli to cooperate with the picture taking before church. Praise Jesus the day is not about cute outfits or great pictures.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

We had a wonderful time of worship with our church family. That night we headed over to Uncle Matt and Aunt Ally's house for a low-key family dinner.

It was a great day and a good time to thank our Amazing God for who He is and all He has done.

An Easter Party with Friends

One day at the park last week there was a group of moms and kids having an Easter Party. Walker sheepishly asked me if, "we were going to have an Easter party on another day?" There was no way I was going to tell him no. He was too precious and pitiful when he asked.

Jason and I were going to be busy with wedding events on Saturday when both the church and neighborhood egg hunts were.

A few friends of ours were already planning on having a play date on Friday. I grabbed a few plastic eggs and threw together some cupcakes and Easter party was born. It was the simplest and the most fun "party" I have been to in a while!

Just starting out.
Easter Egg Hunt
Eli found success early, but his interest in finding new eggs dwindled quickly upon realizing there was candy inside the eggs.
Easter Egg Hunt
Walker debating if that is the one "big egg" he wants to find.
Easter Egg Hunt
Isaac finds an egg.
Easter Egg Hunt
Everyone running to an undiscovered hiding place.
Easter Egg Hunt
Running to find more.
Easter Egg Hunt
Eli stealing eggs out of Isaac's basket (it stinks to be the little guy).
Easter Egg Hunt
Walker stealing candy out of Isaac's eggs (good news, Isaac can steal from Colin next year).
Easter Egg Hunt
Everyone loves chocolate frosting, right?
Easter Cupcakes
Palmer with the perfect chocolate face.
Easter Cupcakes

Reason for the Lack of Posts

I've lost control of the desk

I've lost control of the desk

Somewhere along the way the children have taken over every corner and surface of the house. Even the desk. How am I supposed to 'work' under these conditions?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Matching Brothers

Because I will dress them alike as long as they can stand it.

Matching Brothers

(and yes they are watching TV while we get ready for church)

This a video from the same day. We made sure that Walker knew his first and last name before we went to Disney, just in case. Jason was just trying out the new camera and Walker decide to be silly.

It was great to get video proof of Eli using a 3 word sentence. It is nothing spectacular for someone his age, but for Mr. Strong and Silent it is nice that he is really using words to communicate now (and it appears he was paying attention to the learn-my-name-lesson as well).