Monday, December 31, 2012

The Birthday Celebration

Seaside Birthday Trip

My dear husband is an almost Christmas baby.  When a birthday falls a few short days after Christmas it can be a bit of a bummer. Just being honest, usually the plans for his birthday start on December 26th and involve some groaning and harried shopping.

I wanted this year to be different.  I wanted to plan ahead and make sure the hardest working husband out there felt a tiny bit of the appreciation I fell.

I planned a getaway weekend for us to Seaside.  A chance for us to just be together and enjoy the quiet.

@McKT surprised me with a trip for my birthday. Happy.

We slept in, ate un-rushed meals, enjoyed the scenery,  finished conversations, and enjoyed being able to focus on each other.

Seaside Birthday Trip

With baby number four coming soon, it was not lost on either of us that this was probably our last getaway sans kids for a while.  We soaked it up.

Happy (35th) Birthday, Dear.  So glad to be marching through these years with you.

And here we are, the one picture of us both from our little escape.
Seaside Birthday Trip

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comfy Christmas

I love when we get to Christmas and the only celebrations left are the immediate family ones which are casual and relaxing. The big gatherings and parties are fun, but I look forward to the quite (okay maybe not that quiet) easy times of celebrating with our little crew.

There was lunch with Pops and Grandma Jayne.

Christmas 2012

Where, quite obviously, the dress code is blue jeans and rockets are shot to the roof.
Christmas 2012

There is the chaos of six grandchildren (and dogs who think they are children) and all their surprises with Gammy and Grin.

Christmas 2012

And waiting for Santa on the fire truck, even if he never comes it is still fun to run around in the yard together (some of us in our new Christmas slippers).

Christmas 2012

And then the waking on Christmas morning, the joy and excitement through sleepy eyes.

Christmas 2012

And the building, building and building.

Christmas 2012

Not so long ago, Santa had to build all the toys before delivery.  Now the present is the boys getting to build their Legos. Oh time, how you are flying.


The new train even got a ride on blankie.

Christmas 2012

And it is just as much fun to watch mommy and daddy open their prizes that have been  (mostly) well kept secrets for weeks.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Pretty much my favorite day of the year. Homemade breakfast, staying in PJs, busy children, and being washed over with gratitude.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Introducing the McCay Elves

Because they would never willingly dance for a camera.
The reactions were mixed: Walker giggled, Colin thought it was hilarious and wanted to watch it a 100 times, and Eli was mad and demanded I not show anyone ever. Oh well, we can't always get what we want.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa 2012

We have made our annual trip to see Santa and look at our darling boys.

Santa 2012

Oh, what? Someone is missing?  Really?

I couldn't tell if it was a fear of the camera or of Santa, but C Mac was not getting in that photo.

Santa 2012

No matter how much brother tried to convince him it would be fine.

Santa 2012

No matter what candy or toys were promised, he would not move.

Santa 2012

So Walker and Eli shared their thoughts with Santa while little brother watched from afar.

Santa 2012

And then we tried to get a picture of all three boys near Santa, and well, that wasn't meant to be either.

Santa 2012

But Santa was visited and Chick-fil-a was eaten so Christmas traditions can continue forward. Ho, ho, ho.

And because it does a Momma heart good...

Santa 2011

2010 (so maybe Colin hasn't always exactly looooooved Santa)
Santa Visit 2010



Walker, Eli and Santa

2006 (well we had just seen Santa, but for some reason beyond my understanding I do not have a digital copy of this Santa pic.  Oh, the horror)
Walker as reindeer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School Days

We are slowly finding our school rhythm with these three busy boys, and even more shocking they are learning.  Occasionally we even have fun.

I want to keep some documentation of these days.  It can become a daily grind of checklist and plans, without noticing the highlights. I want to remember the highlights.

We met some friends at the science museum last week and had a blast.

Lovely morning at McWane with our buddies. Pretty soon we are going to have to make field trip reservations before they let our 2 families in at the same time. Ha! #instagrambham

Upon our arrival home they had to write about their favorite thing at the science museum.  Both of the boys decided their favorite thing was riding the zip line.  Walker had never done it in years past, but with a bit of maturity and a lot of friend induced bravery he gave it several rides. Mr. Cautious is growing up and taking risks.

1st Grade perspective:

Kindergarten perspective:

Clearly we could all use a lesson on writing the letter "Z" you know, not backwards.

There is no homework (well, technically I guess it is all homework), but the boys love sharing with Daddy what they have accomplished during the day.

School lunch with Daddy. No mystery meat or square pizza here.

Santa letters as part of school.  I did this in my classroom years ago, but I wasn't shopping for the items on the list as my students were writing.
Children writing letters to Santa. "Santa" researching prices as they write. #AreLegosMadeOfGold?

These little daily tasks are slowly adding up to this amazing growth and development that our little boys are having before my very eyes.  Thankful for the blessing of being here with them.