Monday, June 28, 2010

Colin's First Birthday Party

The family came. We celebrated. We ate. We sang. Somebody smashed cake, but was a bit more delicate than predicted. His cake was made to match his blankie. Precious. We had a fantastic evening celebrating the end of the baby year and the beginning of so much more.









Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Family Photo Shoot


We had to try, right?

Eli trying to wrangle his brother over.

Colin in the bright sunshine. Me with awkward tan lines.

Potential, but not quite.

Soaked, but happy.


Not having any of it.

The Keeper.

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Walker does not like seaweed. He was very displeased to find that there was seaweed in the water and on the beach. {disclaimer: now, there was really hardly any compared to what I have seen on other beach trips}

So, he was being a bit of a grump and not wanting to play on our second day out. Jason had the brilliant idea to dig a hole and let it fill with water. All Walker needed was some purpose to engage him. Once he had a job to participate in he was golden. The seaweed was forgotten.



So often I forget the tools I learned in college when getting my education degree. And there is my husband with a business degree, doing it instinctively. What an amazing daddy.

Same Sand Toys, Very Different Boys





Beach Trip 2008

Beach Trip 2008

Beach Trip 2008


Friday, June 25, 2010

Eli, The Beach Bum

Eli on the beach

Eli at the beach (edit)

He did not complain about the sun.
He did not whine to go to the pool.
He did not beg to go inside.
He wore his hat willingly.
He did not want to go inside.
He was not afraid of the seaweed.
He, after a bit of warming up, he went full speed into the waves.
Yes, I believe my blond-headed, blue-eyed boy could be quite the beach bum if given the opportunity.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Beach Adventure 2010

We took our first trip down to the water in the evening, about 5 o'clock, after naps. This has to be the best time to go with kiddos. It isn't too hot. The sun isn't too bright. The tide is calm. The crowds are thinning out. It was perfect. And besides, I had spent the whole morning being stitched up, so it really was the first chance.

Walker loved the water.



Eli dived on in as well.


Colin didn't love the water. I don't know for sure, but I think the salt water might have hurt his eczema.

He preferred to watch from the sand.

It was a perfect evening and a fantastic way to officially kick off the vacation.

Embarking on Beach Trip 2010

Our dear friends, the Wyrosdicks, have a dear mom who has a beautiful beach condo in Panama City Beach. She rents it out, so it is booked most of the summer. As we watched the oil approach on the news they checked to see if there was a chance for us to squeeze in a working vacation before the oil hit (the guys would work and of course the mommies would too, cause you know we brought the kids with us). We've done this trip before (with 2 less kiddos) and it went wonderfully.

The only time the condo was available was the week we were already in.

It was already Tuesday afternoon we got the okay to head down. So, thus began the packing for a family of 5 in 3 hours with no planning.

I was giddy from excitement, really. No stress, just pure adrenaline.

Pops and Grandma Jayne came over with dinner and beach supplies to borrow. Fantastic

Gammy and Grin came over to get the dogs and help us throw the last few things in the van. Awesome.

We got all three kiddos in their pjs (it was after seven and we expected to arrive around midnight). Clever.

I went to put one last thing in the tightly packed trunk and I totally bashed my head opened with the trunk door. Not clever.

It was pretty clear I was going to need stitches. But, do you know what a mommy with 3 young kids strapped in their car seats ready for a long trip does??? That's right, she stops the bleeding and deals with it later.

I was pretty embarrassed and had a killer headache, but the ride went fine. The next morning I got stitched up and continued on with the vacation just fine.

Never a dull moment. At home or away.

And, there are no pictures. You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Baby" Colin Turns 1

Due to a spur of the moment beach trip Colin was able to spend his first birthday on vacation. I'm pushing for this to become an annual event. Seems like a fantastic way to celebrate and mommy gets a vacation. Everybody wins.

His day started with his first ever donut.

(and enough to share)


Then he spent some time playing in the sand and swimming in the pool. The pool was definitely his favorite.

There are no pool pictures, mostly because no one is afraid of the water anymore (a good thing). Anyway, must keep eyes on children at all times - no time for cameras.

Our fantastic friends in Panama City invited us over for dinner and we let Colin dive into a giant cupcake. Of which, he ate the entire thing. No hesitation, just complete consumption.



And he drifted off to sleep just as he had done the night before. I was left to contemplate where the year had gone so quickly.

Stories to tell


So many stories to tell, memories I do not want to forget. I have neglected putting my thoughts together and writing them down for almost the entire month. Now, to catch up.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Summer Y'all

Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice

Can't think of a better way to spend June 1st than chasing down the shaved ice truck and getting really sticky while eating it on the patio.

Shaved Ice