Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lydia Turns 2!

She is smart. She is fun. She is happy. She is adventurous. She is beautiful. She is so much more than these words and we are blessed to celebrate a second year with our precious Lydia Jane.

On her birthday morning there were presents (which she was all about) and a sick big brother (which put a damper on it for momma, but she seemed fine because - presents)

Eggs and chocolate milk for breakfast - favorites

Chick fil a and (more) chocolate milk for lunch

And cupcakes and cookies before dinner

(and not pictured - Gammy came to visit, which is an awesome present all in itself to these kiddos)

What more could a two year old want? And it is amazing that she is this kid with likes and dislikes and not this little baby on my hip anymore. (insert crying emoji here)

What a blessing to celebrate our big girl with our family. She completely realized she was the center of attention and ate it up.

Can we pause? There are not words in my heart to express how much I love having our people in our home.

Colin helped her blow out the candle - these two are developing a sweet little friendship and I love it.

I absolutely love being her momma and cannot wait to watch, guide and explore future days with her as a big two year old!

And for good measure - One year ago - time, man...

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