Thursday, March 5, 2015

Momma and Her Photo Assistants (Julia at 3 Months)

Like most moms, I love having pictures of my babies as you know, babies. But time and budget being what it is, most of the pictures are taken by me.

When Julia is happy I grab the camera and see what we can get. I am not even close to a professional and employ the "take a thousand pictures with the hopes one or two will turn out well" strategy. Some sessions are a complete loss, but sometimes I get some adorable little glimpses of her sweet personality.

But I also have the advantage/challenge of having a crew of big brothers and sister around, always.

It can be helpful to get baby to smile or engage. But it can also mean someone is in the light or just straight up in the way.

{I see potential use for this picture for YEARS}

And, it would appear, I am teaching some bad habits along the way.

For example: It is okay to stand on the furniture as long as you have a camera in your hand.
{Seriously, she went and got her camera and I almost died of the cute.}

And I am once again reminded that it is the outtakes (in film and life) that I love the most.  It is often the moments I don't plan, even moments quite opposite of what I have planned that I love the most.


Anonymous said...

I think you are a GREAT photographer ! Precious

Mrs. Butler said...

Cutest 2 year old photographer EVER! ;)